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Multi-Modal AI Applications by Phronetic AI


Phronetic AI is multi modal that can work with with language, audio, video and numerical data. Seamlessly blends multiple data streams to accomplish a task


Phronetic AI is industry and sector agnostic. Any organisation can plug-n-play and experience immediate impact of AI. Works on top of existing tools

Adaptable Solutions for Every Industry - Multimodal AI Applications
Phronetic AI Advanced OCR to Scan & Digitise Docs | AI Solutions


We follow strict data security policy. It is enterprise grade with 24X7 support and operational assistance


Every decision taken by Phronetic AI applications is traceable, explainable and controllable.

Explainable AI Solutions for Business

About Phronetic AI

A passionate team of Al experts, dedicated to architecting transformative solutions for industry giants and Governments.

Supported by esteemed Infibeam Avenues, Phronetic AI delivers tailored Al software solutions, while also specializing in the development and operation of a cutting-edge video intelligence platform and an advanced financial fraud detection system.

Products and Services

AI Platforms

We specialise in the creation of video intelligence platforms and financial fraud detection AI platforms to meet your diverse needs. Whether you're in government, industry, or any sector, our expertise lies in developing tailored AI solutions that empower your organisation. We work collaboratively to understand your unique requirements, ensuring that the AI platforms serve as versatile tools for driving innovation and efficiency across a spectrum of applications.

AI Services

Boost efficiency and achieve outstanding results with Phronetic AI's complete AI services. Our data-centric solutions empower organisations, including government and big industries, to make the most of their data. This helps in making informed decisions and smooth functioning. Dive into the future with our model-centric advances, creating a platform for custom AI model development that's precise and innovative across different uses.

Phronetic AI Search & Discovery Platform

Search & Discovery Platform

Phronetic AI Video Processing Made Simple

Data Visualisation & Reporting

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Video Analytics & Insights

Generative AI Platform

Imagine effortlessly creating eye-catching visuals, crafting imaginative writing pieces, and automating code with remarkable precision. That's what Generative AI Platform is all about. Whether you want to create content or are a developer looking to make things easier, our platform gives you endless creativity and efficiency. It's easy to use, integrates seamlessly, and has the latest tech to make your creative journey efficient. Take your projects to new heights, simplify your work, and see the magic of Generative AI at your fingertips.

Media Content Generation with Phronetic AI

Media Content Generation

Phronetic Data Collecting and Cleansing

Code Generation

Financial Fraud Detection Platform

Safeguard your financial operations effortlessly with our Finance Fraud Detection System, a holistic solution incorporating the Document Understanding Engine and Transaction Risk Management. Whether you're a financial professional seeking precise document analysis or a risk management enthusiast looking to fortify transaction security, our integrated system is designed for you. User-friendly, seamlessly integrated, and powered by cutting-edge technology, it ensures that your financial processes are secure and efficient.

AI Solutions for Business Finance Fraud Detection

Document Understanding Engine

Transaction Risk Management

General AI Services

Tap into the vast potential of artificial intelligence, where cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates data-driven insights, model precision, and decision-centric capabilities. Our platform is your gateway to a future where AI services are not only comprehensive but also easily accessible. Whether you're an AI enthusiast, developer, or anyone seeking advanced yet simple & pratical, our General AI Services are tailored to exceed your expectations.

Data Centric

Model Centric

Decision Centric

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